Astrological Gemstones-Mystical Powerful Gemstones for Planets  

Gemstones in Astrology play a major and very mystic role. Astrology refers to the positions and movements of celestial objects in space that correlate with humans, and so, a gemstone in Astrology is thought to have a power over these celestial objects. It is an alternative belief that many accept as it relates to science, philosophy, and human nature. Some think of it as beautiful and some deem it mysterious and perhaps that is the whole point of astrological gemstones

The believers often wear astrological gemstones in order to make the position of planets and other celestial bodies in an alignment that removes negativity and is replaced by positivity in life. Many people who believe will often wear an astrological gemstone if things in life are not going well. There are many sub-cultures and beliefs about astrological gemstones, especially in the Indian cultures, but individuals are believed to have particular gemstones based on different factors like: 

  •  The Zodiac sign of a person relates to a particular gemstone in Astrology 
  •  The Nakshatra, a method that chooses an individual’s astrology gemstone. It relates to the birth constellation of said individual 
  •  Determining the astrological gemstone by the rising sun 
  •  People also choose it through planets – if they want the traits of some planet, they wear or take the astrological gemstone of that planet 
  • Lastly, the method of choosing gemstones by Indian Astrology is a complex yet accurate one. The people executing this method determine what planets are creating an imbalance in their planetary alignment and then choose a gemstone in Astrology to remedy it. 

 Astrological Gemstones by the Sun and the Moon 

The sun and the moon are the two most important celestial bodies in our solar system that are linked to different gemstones in Astrology. For example, a red ruby represents the sun whereas pearls or moonstone would be an astrological gemstone for the moon. People commonly use these astrology gemstones to have the sun and the moon correspond to them. Gemstones used in Astrology by the hindus are also called as Jyotish Gemstones

 Moon relates to health and activeness so if people believe their health is wearing our or they want to be more industrious, they will focus on the powers of a moonstone or pearl. 

The Sun relates to more human feelings like emotions and works to remedy negative sentiments and spirits. The main gemstone in Astrology for the Sun is a ruby, which represents love. 

Like the Sun and the Moon, there are many other planets and celestial bodies that all relate to different astrological gemstones and people use these healing stones to have a direct link to the universe and the powers that reside within. 

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